Catalan adjectives number

We have already seen how to change the gender of the adjectives, now we are going to see how to change the number, passing from the singular form to the plural form.

  • If the adjective ends with a consonant, with an “o”, with “ble”, or simply with an “e”, you have to add an s at the end.
Singular Plural
Alt (tall) Alts (tall)
Prim (slim) Prims (slim)
Llarg (long) Llargs (long)
Bonic (beautiful) Bonics (beautiful)
Nul (null) Nuls (null)
Igual (equal) Iguals (equal)
Amargant (bitter) Amargants (bitter)
Formidable (formidable) Formidables (formidable)
Alegre (cheerful) Alegres (cheerful)
Maco (beautiful, nice) Macos (beautiful, nice)
Guapo (handsome) Guapos (handsome)

  • If the adjective ends in -a this a changes to -es. It may be necessary to make other changes before the “es” to keep the sound of the word.
Singular Plural
Alta (tall) Altes (tall)
Prima (slim) Primes (slim)
Llarga (long) Llargues (long)
Bonica (beautiful) Bonicas (beautiful)
Maca (beautiful, nice) Maques (beautiful, nice)
Guapa (beautiful) Guapes (beautiful)
Canina (canine) Canines (canine)
Masculina (masculine) Masculines (masculine)
Nul·la (null) Nul·les (null)
Boja (crazy) Boges (crazy)
Lletja (ugly) Lletges (ugly)
Gruixeda (thick) Gruixedes (thick)
  • If the adjective ends in í you have to change this í to “ins”.
Singular Plural
Caní (canine) Canins (canine)
Masculí (masculine) Masculins (masculine)
  • If the adjective ends in -i it can change to -jos or -tjos.
Singular Plural
Boig (crazy) Bojos (crazy)
Lleig (ugly) Lletjos (ugly)
  • If the adjective ends in -ix you will have to add -uts.
Singular Plural
Gruix (thick) Gruixuts (thick)
  • Adjectives ending in -ç have two different plural forms; you have to add -os to make the plural masculine and you have to change the ç to ces to make the plural feminine.
Singular Plural masculine Plural feminine
Capaç (able) Capaços (able) Capaces (able)
Feliç (happy) Feliços (happy) Felices (happy)
Veloç (fast) Veloços (fast) Veloces (fast)

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