Catalan adverbs

Els adverbis (adverbs) are invariable words that expand or clarify the meaning of the verb, the adjective or the adverb they modify.
Let’s see the most common catalan adverbs.

Catalan adverbs of manner
English Catalan
Good Bo
Better, best Millor
Worse, worst Pitjor
So Així
Almost Gairebé
Quickly Ràpidament
Slowly Lentament

The most of the words that end in “ly” in english are adverbs of manner and in catalan they end in “ment”.

Catalan adverbs of place
English Catalan
Where On
In front Davant
Behind Darrere
Above Damunt
Under, below Sota
On, up Amunt
Down Avall
Catalan adverbs of quantity
English Catalan
Everything, All Tot
Too much, too many Massa
A lot Molt
Just Just
Just Tot just
Few, little Poc
Nothing Res
Catalan adverbs of time
English Catalan
Now Ara
So, then Aleshores, Llavors
Before Abans
After Després
Soon Aviat
Catalan adverbs of frequency
English Catalan
Always Sempre
Usually Habitualment
Often Sovint
Sometimes De vegades
Rarely, seldom Rarament
Never Mai
Other catalan adverbs
English Catalan
Also, as well També
Neither, not even Tampoc
Really De veritat, De debò, De veres
Maybe, perhpas Potser

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