Catalan alphabet

The catalan alfabet (alphabet) has 26 lletres (letters):

  • a (a)
  • b (be alta)
  • c (ce) y ç (ce trencada)
  • d (de)
  • e (e)
  • f (efa)
  • g (ge)
  • h (hac)
  • i (i)
  • j (jota)
  • k (ka)
  • l (ela)
  • m (ema)
  • n (ena)
  • o (o)
  • p (pe)
  • q (cu)
  • r (erra)
  • s (essa)
  • t (te)
  • u (u)
  • v (ve baixa)
  • w (ve doble)
  • x (ics)
  • y (i grega)
  • z (zeta)

To pronounce it correctly I suggest you to take a look at the following video, and in the next lessons we will delve into the pronunciation of the catalan language:

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