Catalan Colors

Here we have a list of Catalan colors. As you can see in the table some of them have an invariant gender.

Catalan colors
Singular masculine Singular feminine Plural masculine Plural feminine
Grana (Dark red) Grana Granes Granes
Vermell (Red) Vermella Vermells Vermelles
Roig (Red) Roja Rojos Roges
Taronja (Orange) Taronja Taronges Taronges
Carbassa (Orange) Carbassa Carbasses Carbasses
Groc (Yellow) Groga Grocs Grogues
Verd (Green) Verda Verds Verdes
Atzur (Light blue) Atzur Atzurs Atzurs
Blau (Blue) Blava Blaus Blaves
Lila (Purple) Lila Liles Liles
Porpra (Purple) Porpra Porpres Porpres
Violat (Purple) Violada Violats Violades
Morat (Purple) Morada Morats Moredes
Rosa (Pink) Rosa Roses Roses
Marró (Brown) Marró Marrons Marrons
Gris (Grey) Grisa Grisos Grises
Blanc (White) Blanca Blancs Blanques
Negre (Black) Negra Negres Negres

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