Catalan demonstrative adjectives

Els adjectius demostratius (demonstrative adjectives) are used to indicate the proximity or remoteness in space or time of what we are talking about.

Demonstrative adjectives of proximity
English Catalan
This (masculine) Aquest
This (feminine) Aquesta
These (masculine) Aquests
These (feminine) Aquestes
This (neutral) Això

Examples: Aquests cotxes (these cars), Aquesta casa (this house), Aquest any (this year)

You don’t have to pronounce the first s of aquests (these (masculine)).
You don’t have to pronounce the s of aquest if it’s followed by a word that starts with a consonant.

Example: Aquest mes (this month)

Demonstrative adjectives of remoteness
English Catalan
That (masculine) Aquell
That (feminine) Aquella
Those (masculine) Aquells
Those (feminine) Aquelles
That (neutral) Allò

Examples: Aquells cotxes (those cars), Aquella casa (that house), Aquell any (that year)

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