Catalan diacritical accents

Diacritical accents (els accents diacrítics) are accents used to recognize two words written in the same way but with different meanings. Most of the words that have a diacritical accent are monosyllabic words. In this table you can see all the catalan words that have a diacritical accent.

Róssa, ròsses
Catalan diacritical accent
With accent Meaning Without accent Meaning
Bé, béns Good, goods Be Letter b
Bóta Cask Bota Boot, bounces (verb botar)
Coc Cook/chef, coal, bacterium Cóc Coca (a typical bread)
Cop Hit/strike, time (un altre cop, another time) Cóp Measure
Cós Run Cos Body
Déu God Deu Ten
Dóna, dónes You donate, he/she/it donates Dona, dones Woman, women
És Is Es Self
Féu Past form of the verb fer (to do) Feu Feud, present form of the verb fer (to do)
Fóra Subjunctive form of the verb ser (to be) Fora Out
Jóc Henhouse, place name Joc Game
Lés Place name Les Article, pronoun
Hand Ma Possessive adjective
Més More Mes Month
Mèu Meow Meu My
Mòlt, mòlta Minced Molt, molta Much, many, a lot of
Móra Blackberry Mora Dark skinned
Nét Grandson Net Clean
Nós Majestic plural Nos Pronoun
Ós, ósos Bear, bears Os, osos Bone, bones
Ósa Female bear Osa Bones, skeleton
Pèl Hair, hairs Pel Contraction of “per el”, for the
Pórca, pórques Agrarian measure Porca, porques Female pig, female pigs
Què What Que That (conjunction)
Rés Prayer Res Nothing
Animal type Rossa, rosses Blonde
I know Se Reflexive pronoun
Sègle Hundres Segle Century
Séu Animal fat Seu His/her/its, catthedral
Yes Si If
Sóc I am Soc Clog
Sòl, sòls Ground, grounds Sol, sols Alone, just
Són They are Son Sleep
he/she/it has Te Tea
Tót, tóts Pitcher, pitchers Tot, tots All, everyone
Ús Use Us Pronoun
Véns, vénen You come, they come Vens, venen You sell, they sell
Vés Go Ves Short form of veges (subjunctive form of the verb ver – to see)
Véu He/she/it saw Veu Voice, he/she/it sees
Vós You (plural) Vos Pronoun

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