In this section you can find all the classes about the grammar of the Catalan language.

2.1 Articles 2.2 Prepositions
2.3 Contractions 2.4 Conjunctions
2.5 Demonstrative adjectives 2.6 Possessive adjectives
2.7 Quantitative adjectives and adverbs 2.8 Indefinite adjectives and pronouns
2.9 Numbers 2.10 Nouns gender
2.11 Nouns number 2.12 Nouns (recap)
2.13 Adjectives gender 2.14 Adjectives number
2.15 Adjectives (recap) 2.16 Adverbs
2.17 Verbal periphrasis 2.18 Strong personal pronouns
2.19 Weak pronouns 2.20 Interrogative pronouns
2.21 Catalan accents 2.22 Diacritical accents
2.23 Apostrophe

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