Catalan love phrases

Let’s see now some romantic phrases in Catalan, hopefully they will be useful 😉
For sure you will need to know the expressions estimar (to love), trobar a faltar and enyorar (to miss).

I love you – T’estimo
I love you very much – T’estimo molt
I have never love anyone like I love you – Mai he estimat a ningú com t’estimo a tu
I will never stop loving you – Mai deixaré d’estimar-te
I love you more than my own life – T’estimo més que la meva vida
Loving you makes me the happiest man on earth – Estimar-te em fa l’home més feliç del món
I love you not only because of how you are, but also because of how I am when I am with you – T’estimo no només per com ets, sinó per com sóc jo quan estic amb tu
I miss you – Et trobo a faltar/T’enyoro
I will miss you a lot – Et trobaré molt a faltar/T’enyoraré molt
Day without you are never-ending – Els dies se’m fan eterns sense tu
No one has ever made me feel how you do – Mai ningú m’ha fet sentir com em fas sentir tu
No one has ever made me feel what I feel about you – Mai ningú m’ha fet sentir el que sento per tú
Since we are not together, I spend the day waiting for the moment I will see you again – Des de que estem separats, em paso els dies esperant que arribi el moment de tornar-te a veure
You are the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep – Ets la primera cosa en què penso quan em desperto i l’última quan me’n vaig a dormir
You are the part I was missing to feel complete/accomplished – Tu ets la part que em faltava per sentir-me del tot complert
Since I met you my life makes sense – Des de quan et vaig conèixer la meva vida té sentit
Everything that has happened in my life happened just to get you – Tot el que ha passat en la meva vida ha passat només per arribar a tu

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