Catalan means of transportation

In this lesson we will see how the various means of transportation are called in Catalan (els mitjans de transport), and some other word related to this topic.

Catalan mode of transportation
English Catalan
Train Tren
Metro, Underground, Subway, Tube Metro
Tram Tramvia
Funicular Funicular
Coach Autocar
Bus Autobús
Truck Camió
Car, Automobile Cotxe
Taxi Taxi
Motorcycle, Motorbike Motocicleta
Bicycle, Bike Bicicleta
Skate Patí
Airplane, Aeroplane Avió
Helicopter Helicòpter
Ship, Boat Vaixell

Let’s see some Catalan phrases that use these words.

Catalan: Per conduir un cotxe es necessita el carnet de conduir.
English: To drive a car you have to have a driver’s license.

Catalan: On és la parada d’autobusos més propera?
English: Where is the nearest bus stop?

Catalan: Pots comprar el bitllet de metro a l’estació.
English: You can buy the metro ticket at the station.

Catalan: Haig d’agafar el tramvia per anar-hi.
English: I have to take the subway to go there.

Catalan: Si no agafem un taxi arribarem tard a l’aeroport.
English: If you don’t take a taxi we will arrive late at the airport.

Catalan: Ahir al port vaig comprar un bitllet de primera classe.
English: Yesterday I bought at the port a first-class ticket.

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