Possessive adjectives

Els adjectius possessius (possessive adjectives) are used to show who or what owns or possesses the noun they indicate.
Every catalan possessive adjective has four different forms, masculine singular, feminine singular, masculine plural, and feminine plural.
Possessive adjectives in catalan agree with the nouns they modify. That is, they agree with the thing possessed, not the possessor.

Fist person singular
English Catalan
My (masculine – singular form) Meu
My (feminine – singular form) Meva
My (masculine – plural form) Meus
My (feminine – plural form) Meves

Second person plural
English Catalan
Your (masculine – singular form) Teu
Your (feminine – singular form) Teva
Your (masculine – plural form) Teus
Your (feminine – plural form) Teves
Third person singular
English Catalan
His/Her/Its (masculine – singular form) Seu
His/Her/Its (feminine – singular form) Seva
His/Her/Its (masculine – plural form) Seus
His/Her/Its (feminine – plural form) Seves
First person plural
English Catalan
Our (masculine – singular form) Nostre
Our (feminine – singular form) Nostra
Our (masculine and feminine – plural form) Nostres
Second person plural
English Catalan
Your (masculine – singular form) Vostre
Your (feminine – singular form) Vostra
Your (masculine and feminine – plural form) Vostres
Third person plural
English Catalan
Their (masculine – singular form) Seu
Their (feminine – singular form) Seva
Their (masculine – plural form) Seus
Their (feminine – plural form) Seves

In catalan you have to use the corresponding definite article before the possessive adjective.

Examples: el meu pare (my father), la meva mare (my mother), les meves àvies (my granmothers), els teus amics (your friends), els seus cosins (his/her/their cousins), la nostra maleta (our luggage), el vostre ordinador (your computer), les vostres coses (your things)

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