Catalan prepositions

Let’s see the list of catalan prepositions with their english translation.

Catalan prepositions
English Catalan
At A
To A
Forward Avant
With Amb
Against Contra
From De, des de
Since De, des de
Of De
In, inside Dins
After Després
Until, till Fins a
Out, outside Fora
In En
Through Mitjançant
Despite Malgrat
For Per, per a
Per Per
In order to Per a
By Per
According to Segons
Without Sense
Under Sota
Upon Sobre
Between Entre
Towards Cap a

Examples: dins la casa (inside the house), fora del cotxe (outside of the car), amb mi (with me), sense ell (without him), sota la taula (under the table)

As you can see in the second example in catalan you can join “de” with “el”, we will see other contractions in the next lesson.

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