Catalan regular present indicative tense verbs

In the first lesson about Catalan regular verbs we have seen that there are five different models to follow to conjugate them.
Let’s see now how to conjugate the present indicative tense of a regular verb in each model.

Regular present indicative tense verbs
Cantar Témer Perdre Dormir Servir
Jo Canto Temo Perdo Dormo Serveixo
Tu Cantes Tems Perds Dorms Serveixes
Ell, Ella, Vostè Canta Tem Perd Dorm Serveix
Nosaltres Cantem Temem Perdem Dormim Servim
Vosaltres Canteu Temeu Perdeu Dormiu Serviu
Ells, Elles, Vostès Canten Temen Perden Dormen Serveixen

Examples: Jo canto cada dia (I sing every day), Ells perden sempre (They always lose), No serveix gaire (it’s not really useful), Temo que em deixis (I fear that you will leave me)

Let’s see another five verbs from these models, as you can see the stem of the verb never changes and the suffixes are the same as before.

Regular present indicative tense verbs
Estudiar Prémer Batre Sentir Preferir
Jo Estudio Premo Bato Sento Prefereixo
Tu Estudies Prems Bats Sents Prefereixes
Ell, Ella, Vostè Estudia Prem Bat Sent Prefereix
Nosaltres Estudiem Premem Batem Sentim Preferim
Vosaltres Estudieu Premeu Bateu Sentiu Preferiu
Ells, Elles, Vostès Estudien Premen Baten Senten Prefereixen

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