Catalan tongue twisters

Tongue twisters in catalan are called embarbussaments or travallengües. These are the best known.

Tongue twister: Setze jutges d’un jutjat mengen fetge d’un penjat; si el penjat es despengés es menjaria els setze fetges dels setze jutges que l’han jutjat.

Translation: Sixteen judges of a court eat the liver of a hanged man, and if the hanged man comes off, he would eat the livers of the sixteen judges who judged him.

Tongue twister: En cap cap cap el que cap en aquest cap.

Translation: In no head fits what it fits in this head.

Tongue twister: Plou poc, però per a lo poc que plou, plou prou.

Translation: It rains a little, but for the little that it rains, it rains enough.

Tongue twister: El pinxo li va dir al panxo, puc punxar-te amb un punxó? I el panxo li va dir al pinxo, punxa’m però a la panxa no.

Translation: Pincho said to pancho, can I sting you with a thorn? And pancho said to pincho, sting me, but not in the belly.

Tongue twister: Duc pa sec al sac, m’assec on soc i suco el suc.

Translation: I bring dry bread in the bag, I sit where I am and I suck the juice

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