Difference between Tots and Tothom

Tots and Tothom may seem synonymous, but there is a small difference important to keep in mind.
Tothom is equivalent to the expression “Everyone, Everybody” in English, as that is singular (Tothom és, not tothom son), and is used when referring to something that applies to any person interchangeably.
Tots is equivalent to “All of you, all of them, etc” in English, and we use it when we refer to all the people belonging to a particular category to a particular group.

Let’s see an example to understand well the difference; A teacher in a class says:
Tothom ha d’estudiar; The teacher means that all the people should study.
Tots han d’estudiar; The techar means that all the students in the class will have to study.

I remind you that if we refer to girls or women we have to use the feminine form of tots, which is totes, while Tothom is an invariable pronoun, and therefore is always the same.

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