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Exercise – Catalan numbers

If you need it, before doing this exercise, you can have a look at the lesson about numbers in Catalan. Write the following numbers in words: 4 8 16 18 23 29 37 43 65 82 111 254 676 890

Tricks to speak Catalan

In this page we’ll see some tricks to speak and write Catalan; I suggest you to be careful when you use them, because of the exceptions. English adverbs ending with ly in Catalan end with ment: alegrement (cheerfully), ràpidament (quickly)

Catalan diacritical accents

Diacritical accents (els accents diacrítics) are accents used to recognize two words written in the same way but with different meanings. Most of the words that have a diacritical accent are monosyllabic words. In this table you can see all

Catalan regular present indicative tense verbs

In the first lesson about Catalan regular verbs we have seen that there are five different models to follow to conjugate them. Let’s see now how to conjugate the present indicative tense of a regular verb in each model. Regular

Catalan regular verbs

In Catalan there are three different verbs conjugation, verbs belonging to the first one end in -ar, verb belonging to the second conjugation end in -er or -re and verbs belonging to the third one end in -ir. Regular verbs

Catalan adjectives

Let’s recap what we have seen in the two previous lessons: how to make the feminine form and the plural form of a catalan adjective. Most of the catalan adjectives have a diffent form for the masculine singular, for the

Catalan adjectives number

We have already seen how to change the gender of the adjectives, now we are going to see how to change the number, passing from the singular form to the plural form. If the adjective ends with a consonant, with

Catalan nouns

Catalan nouns (els substantius) are used to indicate objects, groups of objects, qualities, feelings, and other abstract ideas. The majority of the nouns have a singular form and a plural form, and every noun is masculine or feminine, but not

Catalan verbal periphrasis

Verbal periprhasis (les perífrasis verbals), or periphrastic constructions, can be classified by the verbal form they utilize of by the function they have. Usually verbal periphrasis utilize a verb in its infinitive form, gerund form, or participle form. If we

Catalan nouns number

Els substantius (nouns) or noms (names) indicate people, animals, things and ideas. Let’s see how you can change the number of a noun. You have to add an s to the singular form. Examples Singular Plural Home (man) Homes (men)

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