The catalan anthem

The anthem of Catalonia is called Els Segadors (The reapers), and it’s the official anthem of the autonomous community since 1993.

It was written at the end of the XIX century, and its lyrics are based on the historical events of June 7, 1640, the day on which the Catalan peasants, armed with scythes, went to Barcelona revolting against the Spaniards, being able to drive away the forces of King Philip IV of Spain from Barcelona.

Lyrics of Els Segadors in catalan:

Catalunya, triomfant,
tornarà a ser rica i plena!
Endarrera aquesta gent
tan ufana i tan superba!

Bon cop de falç!
Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra!
Bon cop de falç!

Ara és hora, segadors!
Ara és hora d’estar alerta!
Per quan vingui un altre juny
esmolem ben bé les eines!


Que tremoli l’enemic
en veient la nostra ensenya:
com fem caure espigues d’or,
quan convé seguem cadenes!


English translation of the lyrics of Els Segadors:

Catalonia triumphant
shall again be rich and bountiful
Drive away these people,
Who are so conceited and so contemptful.

Strike with your sickle!
Strike with your sickle, defenders of the land!
Strike with your sickle!

Now is the time, reapers.
Now is the time to stand alert.
For when another June comes
Let us sharpen well our tools.


May the enemy tremble,
upon seeing our symbol.
Just as we cut golden ears of wheat,
when the time calls we cut off chains.



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