Tricks to speak Catalan

In this page we’ll see some tricks to speak and write Catalan; I suggest you to be careful when you use them, because of the exceptions.

  • English adverbs ending with ly in Catalan end with ment:
    alegrement (cheerfully), ràpidament (quickly)
  • Cuando en castellano un sustantivo o un adjetivo termina en nte en catalán a menudo tenéis que quitar la e final:
    elefant (elefante), amant (amante), calent (caliente)
  • When an English noun ends with on in Catalan often ends with ó:
    camió (camiom), visió (vision)
  • When an English noun ends with ness or ity in Catalan usually ends with itat:
    felicitat (happyness), universitat (university), publicitat (publicity)
  • In Catalan the accent above the vowel a is always open/grave: à
  • In Catalan the accent above the vowels i, u is always closed/acute: í, ú

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